The most effecient

and effective

way to connect with yourself with others, and the world

Wim Hof Instructor Bart Pronk can teach step-by-step how to do it

3-5 July, 2020
(15 10 spots left)

WHM Austria


16 May, 2020
(30 22 spots left)

WHM Sofia


September, 2020

WHM Costa Rica


Short video's about Bart's journey.



Mikadelic Show

Mike Delic interviewed  me about the discovering of my inner fire and journeying with Wim Hof the Iceman all over the globe.


360 Magazine 

360 Magazine is the biggest outdoor media in the country of Bulgaria. They interviewed me about the Wim Hof Method and my workshops in Sofia


Magazine Eight

MAGAZINE 8 presents popular and in-depth information about science, nature, alternative medicine. Interview about my life as a WHM Instructor

About Bart

Bart has been with Wim since 2011. He has been his right-hand man, his compadre, his aficionado and his buddy. He’s travelled to all corners of the world with the Ice-Man organizing events, taking part in ice-baths and breathing exercises and learning the secrets to a happy, healthy life from the master himself. 

Bart has been with the Wim-Hof company: Inner Fire, since the beginning. He was the driving force behind the 10 week online program and has started many other initiatives and programmes to further the intellectual reach of the Wim Hof Method. 

Bart’s personal achievements include climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro three times, each time setting a new record time, and each time in just a pair of shorts. His experience ranges from personal workshops, through to large group classes and scientific lectures all around the world.

It is all about connecting with yourself, others and nature. - Bart

Mr Bart! Thank you so much for the amazing life changing experience!!! I went there with only one thing on my mind, which was to go all the way to the finishing line! And I achieved it by Bart's highly motivated vibe and his charisma to lead the pack!!! Awesome experience. Thank you Bart!!

Masatoshi Ohno, (Pro Surfer - Japan)